We pride ourselves on engaging with our community and closely listening to the people in it. Only then are we able to create the best possible products for our customers. This has resulted in wide ranging approval from nutritionists and elite level athletes alike.

Trust Score 9.7

Approved by experts

Athletic Tea Co

Dainora Bickauskiene, DipCNM, mNNA, rCNHC

Registered Nutritional Therapist

“This tea is a really great sustainable alternative to coffee or an energy drink, with less caffeine and no artificial ingredients. Moreover, it is more nutritious than the alternatives and has a range of health benefits too. The smell and taste is delicious and I would strongly recommend to try these teas if you are looking better athletic performance and recovery.”

Athletic Tea Co

Daniel O’Shaughnessy, MBANT, rCNHC

Award Winning Sports Nutritionist

"Yerba mate is so good for energy levels because it contains caffeine without the jittery side effects of a coffee. There is also good research on the Athletic Tea burning fat, as it can help the body rely on fat for fuel during exercise. I would strongly recommend these products to any athlete or busy office worker."

Athletic Tea Co Athletic Tea Co
Athletic Tea Co

Evening Standard @evening.standard

“A healthier and more natural alternative to other caffeinated drinks - you have to check these out!”

Athletic Tea Co

Trail Running @trailrunningmag

“Used by various elite sports teams, including Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, GB Triathlon and the Welsh Rugby Union.”

Athletic Tea Co

Guild of Fine Food @guildoffinefood

“Great Taste Awards gold star for both matcha powders and biodegradable tea bag categories. Simply delicious.”

Athletic Tea Co

The Sun @thesun

“Our recommended fuel for 2018.”

Athletic Tea Co

Women's Running @womensrunningmagazine

“Best value nutrition drink on the market in 2018.”

Athletic Tea Co

Evening Standard @evening.standard

“A healthier and more natural alternative to other caffeinated drinks - you have to check these out!”

Approved by athletes

Athletic Tea Co Athletic Tea Co
Athletic Tea Co

Ramla Ali @somaliboxer

Olympic Boxer

“I look forward to my Energise Tea every morning for the extra boost. Without it training is incomplete.”

Athletic Tea Co

Stephanie Ede @triathlonsteph

GB Duathlete

“I always start the day with a cocoa + ginger - you can actually taste the chocolate and it provides a buzz without the crash! Cold matchas on the bike are great too. I love the philosophy of using less sugar for energy. We’re drinking far too much of it in energy drinks.”

Athletic Tea Co

Nick Butter @nickbutterrun

Running a marathon in every country in the world.

“These teas are easily the best sports product I’ve come across this year. Easy to carry, stupidly good for you, and they taste better than normal tea! Take them with me on every run.”

Athletic Tea Co

Heather Knight @heatherknight55

International Cricketer

“I take Athletic Tea throughout the day, everyday, hot or cold. Aids my performance and it’s the tastiest tea I’ve ever had - a no brainer to use as part of my routine.”

Athletic Tea Co

Victoria Baskett @diaryof_t44

GB Para Athlete

“The Energise and Perform blends are the perfect partners to help invigorate me in training without me crashing hours later. I use them both hot and cold and they both taste great.”

Athletic Tea Co

Yolanda Burke @yolanda_matara

Dancer, The Lion King and Trainer, Third Space London

“I find myself feeling pretty dehydrated after coffees in the morning which really negatively affects training and energy levels, so Athletic Tea is an amazing alternative for me.”

Customer reviews

Trust Score 9.7

Athletic Tea Co Athletic Tea Co


“Great range of flavours - bundles are great for trying them all! Gives a nice boost and a healthier alternative to the several daily coffees. Powders are super convenient come gym time too - just mix straight in water bottle 👍”


“Perfect for the avid gymmer. I train 5 days a week and use energy tea before, perform during and always recovery tea before bed. I’ve really seen the benefits and they taste amazing! ”


“Absolutely love these teas and delivery is always fast and packaged perfectly! Couldn't recommend more highly!!”


“I take the teas in different contexts, whether that’s first thing in the morning, after-exercise or when hungover! They are a game changer and I would recommend them to anyone.”


“If you’ve had enough of sugary sports drinks Athletic Tea Co is a must-try. Massively impressed with the effort that has gone into each blend, but in particular the pyramid bag Performance tea cold brewed!”


“A great alternative to coffee! Keeps me feeling energised and focused throughout the day! Highly recommended!”


“Finally, a healthy product that delivers energy and tastes nice! Would highly recommend factoring into any busy week - ideal pre or post routine.”


“It's a great start to the day and you can drink it hot or cold!”